Multispeciality Treatment

Pain, Paralysis, Lung, Liver, Heart, Kidney, Skin, ENT, Eye, Infertility, Spastic Children. Cosmetic Acupuncture, Rare cases. Multispeciality Medical Acupuncture Treatment. Pain-Paralysis. So called Incurable Disorders- Lungs,Liver,Heart,Kidney,Skin,Ear-Nose-Throat,Eye Disorders etc.

Commonly, Rare & Incurable Disorders

Paralysis, Sequelae of polio, Hemiplegia, Bell’s palsy, Fibro-myalgia, Cervical/Lumbar spondylosis, Disc prolapse, Sciatica, Frozen shoulder, Osteo-arthritis knee, Rheumatoid / Rheumatic Arthritis, Calcaneal spur, Tennis elbow, Writer’s cramps, Hyperacidity,


Tiny needles pricked at the acupuncture points are stimulated by an Electro- stimulator. Separate set of needles used for each patient to avoid AIDS or hepatitis B. Being drugless, no reaction or adverse effects.

He-Ne Laser Therapy

This is the best type of stimulating LASER which acts like tonic for the cells.Instead of needles, He-Ne LASER rays are used to stimulate Acupuncture points. Extremely useful for non- healing ulcers like diabetic ulcer, varicose ulcer, bed sore etc.


Dry leaves of moxa (Artemisia vulgaris) are used to heat & stimulate the points – very effective in disorders which are caused or aggravated by cold eg. asthma, rhinitis, arthritis, diarrhoea, ankylosing spondylosis, lumbago, backache etc.

Cupping / Fire Cupping / Bekam Therapy

Negative pressure is used to stimulate the points. In disorders of stagnant blood, Acupuncture points are bled and blood is cupped out by applying negative pressure with the help of cupping set. Very useful in Spondylosis, arthritis, backacke, Diarrhoea etc.